Creative of the Month – 50% OFF –

I really want to do more creative stuff, and that’s why i’ve been raising my prices. Let’s be honest working 90h a week is not ideal to allow yourself some creativity, i’m confident i’ve done the right thing, even if the right thing is quite stressful.

So creative, eh, well from now on, every month, i’ll be announcing a creative project, with a unique theme, something i’m dying to try, i’m dying to shoot and instead of doing collaboration outside of the Sex Industry, I thought why not use my client base, most of you crave innovation and new ideas. You are all unique & different, and that’s amazing and let’s be real here, with FOSTA/SESTA you just all becames models, or lingerie models anyways, hehehe.

So what’s the Creative of the Month and why would you want to be part of it ? Well for starters, instead of my regular package, the Creative of the Month will be priced at 50% Off my regular price. Which mean if the theme really interest you, and that you’ve been dying to shoot with me & my team, well it’s a steal! Think about it, an editorial shoot for a fraction of the price, and you’ll also have a killer concept, something different than your usual boudoir shoot. The only thing you have to do for me in exchange, sign a release for my website, twitter & blog. And don’t worry if you don’t show your face, it won’t be an issue we will work on set to either hide your face with props, or I will blur! Privacy always come first.

So enough blah blah, you can always ask me more question by email, you probably wonder what’s my creative theme this month ? It’s RAIN, It’s been raining like crazy, and i’m not waiting on the sun to show up to set a shoot, oh no no no, we will shoot under the rain. Think Moody & Sexy, pouring rain on you, glowing skin, goosebumps & texture. Sounds HOT, right ?!

Here’s some inspiration images.


Interested ? You know how to reach me. Only one person will be selected, I want it to be unique.

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