Clients Vs Photographer

I’ve been dying to do a post about the difference between the photos a client might chose and the one, us photographer would chose. And then, I didn’t want to do the blog post anymore. Not that the subject isn’t interesting, it is!  But because, talking to my fellow photographers I realize that’s there more than one way to do business, and maybe I didn’t find mine yet. Let’s be honest here, i’m guilty, i’ve been complaining to some of my friends how the photos I really wanted to edit, never made the selection! Was it my skills, or was my selection so far off? There’s nothing worst for an artist to be deprived of their selection. Okay, I hear you, you in the back, you who doesn’t think i’m doing art. I only have one thing to say to you, Fuck off. I’ve put my mind to every photo i create, I put my mind, my skills, my inspiration while shooting, and once more when editing. And for those who think editing isn’t a big part of the shoot because you are proud of the figure you have, let me just say, editing isn’t only about that! Editing can help fulfill a mood i was heading for. Editing is a part of the process, I don’t want to be the shoot & burn photographer, I want to put everything I have in every goddamn photo i take, this is me, this is my work, there’s a part of me in those photos. I want the person who looks foward to work with me to respect my work, and book me for my work!

Okay Aria, enough blah blah what happen with that blog post ?
Well it didn’t disapear since i’m writting about it, but instead of being a lame comparison about the difference between my choice and yours, i’ve decided to just forget about your selection. Let’s elimate that, but still give you the upper hand.

From now on, i’m back editing all the photos that have potential, i’m back being happy and creative. Yes it’s more work, for sure, but I didn’t get better at editing sitting on my hands, fingers in my ass. Nope I got better because once, when I wasn’t that popular, I edited all the photos i liked and sold the whole gallery at a good price. I won’t be selling my gallery at 200$ anymore, i’ve worked & invest to much for that, but i’ll always have a good selling price for them. You will always got to select your favorite, maybe not from a 400 photos gallery, but surely from the best gallery you will ever received, this is my promess to you. Let’s create art.

Oh yeah btw, those are all photos that didn’t made the cut 😉

_0002709 copy_0002717-Edit copy_0002724-Edit-Edit copy_0002734-Edit copy_0002979-Edit copy_0003004-Edit copy_0003058-Edit copy_0003078-Edit-Edit copy_0003186-Edit copy_0003191-Edit copy_0003225-Edit copy_0003228-Edit copy_0003294-Edit copy_0003350 copy_0003901-Edit copy_0003941-Edit copy_0003946 copy_0003948 copy_0003957-Edit copy_0003971-Edit copy_0003986-Edit-Edit copynp_0004012 copy_0004096-Edit copy_0004172-Edit copy_0004177-Edit copy_0004180 copy_0004185-Edit_0004225 copy_0004249-Edit copy_0004280-Edit copy_0004284 copy_0004376-Edit copyblu_0004490-Edit copybw


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