31 Oct 2018

Happy Halloween !

Model & MUA : The Amazing Samsara Brown Aka Miss Enchanté  

31 Oct 2018

Maleficient Inspired : October Collab.

Model : Ardaeth Estrella ”I had wings once, and they were strong. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once.” – Maleficient  

25 Oct 2018

September Collab : Cemetery Beauty

Hairstylist : Melissa Fasciano Makeup Artist : Audrey Lavigne Stylist : Oh my Glam Studio Model : Sarah Beaupre

29 May 2018

Clients Vs Photographer

I’ve been dying to do a post about the difference between the photos a client might chose and the one, us photographer would chose. And then, I didn’t want to do the blog post anymore. Not that the subject isn’t interesting, it is!  But because, talking to my fellow photographers I realize that’s there more than one way to do business, and maybe I didn’t find mine yet. Let’s be honest here, i’m guilty, i’ve been complaining to some of […]

17 May 2018

Launching Luxuria Beauties

Hey folks, i’m very excited because today i’m launching my new ambassador program. You might wonder what it entails, well, I can tell you ; lots of goodies. If you are chosen as an ambassador, you will be representing my studio for this year by promoting your images to your friends, colleagues, family, anyone you wish to strike a conversation about your incredible experience! Advantages :  – A complimentary 3 hours photo session valued at 950$ – Complimentary Hair & […]

04 May 2018

Creative of the Month – 50% OFF –

I really want to do more creative stuff, and that’s why i’ve been raising my prices. Let’s be honest working 90h a week is not ideal to allow yourself some creativity, i’m confident i’ve done the right thing, even if the right thing is quite stressful. So creative, eh, well from now on, every month, i’ll be announcing a creative project, with a unique theme, something i’m dying to try, i’m dying to shoot and instead of doing collaboration outside […]

01 May 2018
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